Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man 7


Continuing the saga onto the Super Nintendo, Mega Man 7 picks up where Mega Man's final adventure on the NES left off. Introducing new and enhanced graphics, sound and gameplay, Mega Man VII retains all the action and adventure of the original 8-bit games, as well as an all new storyline.


In Mega Man's previous quest, he finally captured the notorious Dr. Wily and imprisoned him in the highest security prison of the city. Peace began to return to the troubled land, and with Wily safely behind bars, it seemed the threat had finally ended. Of course, Dr. Wily thought that someday he might be captured, and had planned for this day. Hidden away in a secret laboratory were four advanced Robot Masters, created just for this occasion.

After some time of Dr. Wily's absence, they activate and come out of hiding to retrieve their master. Storming the prison, the four robots easily rescue Wily and escape with him. Once again, Dr. Wily brings forth his robot army, bent on destroying the city.

Mega Man, ever ready for action, heads out with his K9 pal Rush, determined to bring down the new Robot Masters and recapture Wily, although this time a mysterious new robot specially created to rival Mega Man will test his strength to the very core.

Game specifications

You'll take control of the Blue Bomber on his quest for justice and peace, storming through eight stages packed with items, enemies and an awaiting Robot Master at the end of each. Many items are hidden throughout each stage (also available at Auto's Shop) for you to find, including special power-up Rush abilities.

Once you find these items, you can call Rush in to help Mega Man out in any situation, be it battle or to assist reaching an item normally out of reach. Mega Man can jump, slide, and fire off a normal shot as well as a charged shot from the Mega Buster. You'll need all the skill, reflexes, and Robot Master's special weapons to track down Wily to rid the city of his dominating plans once and for all!

In-game introduction

In the year 20XXAD

The world cheered Mega Man when at long last he captured and imprisoned Dr Wily.


Dr Wily always knew his schemes might end in failure and had planned for just such an occasion.

Four robots had been hidden away and after six months without being contacted by Dr Wily, they activate and...

Begin searching for their master...

Release dates:

Mar 24, 1995
Sep 1995


  • Capcom

Cart size:

  • 16 megabits

Original platform:

  • Super Nintendo