Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man V

On an innocent day, while going for a peaceful stroll with Roll, Mega Man is confronted by a strange robot calling itself "Terra". As one of the Stardroids, Terra damages Mega Man and continues on to invade cities around the world with his Stardroid companions. Unable to do anything to stop the evil robot's destructive plans, Mega Man finds that his Mega Buster surprisingly has no effect on these robots of alien design.

To solve this issue, Dr. Light has designed the new Mega Arm, a weapon which allows Mega Man to charge up energy in his fist before firing it. With no sign of Dr. Wily, it's unknown as to whether he's behind this or not, but it's up to Mega Man and Rush to stop the evil Stardroids and save the world! Assisting Mega Man with new power-up items, Dr. Light has also designed a new robotic cat called Tango, who's along for the ride to help Mega Man out in battle.

Intro Scene...
In the year 20XX, the world is at peace thanks to Mega Man. Dr. Wily's fourth attempt at world domination has failed, and his name faded from the minds of the citizens of the world.

A few months later... [A large object crashes to Earth. Mega Man & Roll are then shown going for a walk, before a robot appears in front of them.]

So you are the famous Mega Man! I am Terra and you will soon be my slave! [Mega Man pushes Roll back, then charges up his Mega Buster and fires at Terra, who takes no damage from the blast. Terra then fires at Mega Man and wounds him.]

What? My Mega Buster has no effect on him... A few hours later, the world was attacked by warrior robots from space. [Mega Man slowly wakes up.]

Where am I? Dr. Light found Mega Man and equipped him with the new "Mega Arm," the most powerful weapon ever devised. Why have the Stardroids come here!?

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Image Name Use this weapon Receive this weapon
Mercury Mercury Mega Arm/Black Hole Grab Buster
Neptune Neptune Mega Arm/Spark Chaser Salt Water
Mars Mars Salt Water Photon Missile
Venus Venus Photon Missile Bubble Bomb
Dark Moon/Shadow Devil Dark Moon/Shadow Devil Mega Arm Nothing
Pluto Pluto Grab Buster Break Dash
Uranus Uranus Break Dash Deep Digger
Jupiter Jupiter Bubble Bomb Electric Shock
Saturn Saturn Electric Shock Black Hole
Terra Terra Deep Digger Spark Chaser
Skull Cannon Skull Cannon Rush Blaster Nothing
Enker Enker Any Weapon Nothing
Quint Quint Photon Missile Nothing
Punk Punk Salt Water Nothing
Ballade Ballade Photon Missile Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Robot Hands Mega Arm/Grab Buster Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Robot Wily's Time Bombs Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Robot Head Spark Chaser Nothing
Sunstar Sunstar Spark Chaser Nothing


Mega Arm Mega Arm
Unique to this game, the Mega Arms was invented by Dr. Light to help Mega Man fight the Stardroids. The normal fire is exactly the same as the Mega Buster - in the form of small energy blasts - but the charge shot now causes Mega Man to fire his entire fist out a short distance before it returns to him. You'll have this weapon from the beginning of the game.
Grab Buster Grab Buster
This nifty weapon fires a small sparkling energy ball which flies straight ahead. If the ball strikes an enemy it'll inflict damage before stealing a small energy refill ball which returns to heal you.
Salt Water Salt Water
This weapon fires a large liquid ball which breaks up into three smaller balls when it strikes something. The smaller balls bounce up high off the contact point, giving themselves a larger striking range.
Photon Missile Photon Missile
Mega Man fires a large missile, which stays put for a second before launching itself straight ahead.
Bubble Bomb Bubble Bomb
This fires a bubble-shaped bomb which floats upward slowly, then moves along the roof a little before exploding. If any enemy comes in contact with it it'll explode instantly.
Break Dash Break Dash
When you charge up the Mega Arm and release it with this weapon selected, Mega Man will dash forward while performing the attack. Any enemies he touches take damage.
Deep Digger Deep Digger
If Mega Man stands on a certain kind of block while this weapon's active, it'll turn a different shade. Press fire to pick up the block to throw it straight ahead. When the block hits something it'll break up into four smaller rebounding pieces.
Electric Shock Electric Shock
This weapon causes Mega Man to unleash a wavy beam of charged electricity. Anything caught in the beam takes damage.
Black Hole Black Hole
This creates a single large black ball above Mega Man, which then fires out several round balls in all directions. Anything caught in the deluge takes damage.

Rush/Tango abilities

Rush Coil Rush Coil
You'll receive this after defeating Venus. As always, this will call down Rush to spring Mega Man up higher to reach previously inaccessable areas.
Rush Jet Rush Jet
You receive this when you defeat Saturn. Rush will teleport down and transform into a flying sled, which Mega Man can ride on to fly over dangerous areas.
Tango Tango
You'll be able to use Tango from the start of the game. To use him, select him from the weapon select screen then charge up the Mega Arm to call Tango down. Tango will then change into a razor blade and begin bouncing around Mega Man, trashing any enemies he touches.

Dr. Light's Lab items

Press Select on the stage select screen to visit Dr. Light in his lab. Here you'll be able to create items with P-Chips, but you'll have to first go out and gather them from defeated enemies in stages.
Small Energy Tank Small Energy Tank
Cost: 20 chips
Four of these will create an Energy Tank.
Energy Tank Energy Tank
Cost: 60 chips
Use this to fully refill your life energy once at any time.
W-Tank W-Tank
Cost: 30 chips
This tank fully refills one of your special weapons.
S-Tank S-Tank
Cost: 120 chips
This tank refills your life energy, as well as all your special weapons.
Full Charger Full Charger
Cost: 80 chips
All of your special weapons are refilled fully.
1-Up 1-Up
Cost: 50 chips
Gives you an extra life.
Energy Balancer Energy Balancer
Cost: 140 chips
This allows you to recharge the weapon with the lowest energy whenever you pick up a weapon refill capsule.
Mega Hand Mega Hand
Cost: 90 chips
This item allows the Mega Arm to grab hold of items normally out of reach.
Grab Attack Grab Attack
Cost: 100 chips
This causes the Mega Arm to latch onto enemies, causing repeatable damage.


Once you find all four jewels, each one hidden in one of the second four stages, weapon energy spent by Mega Man's special weapons is cut in half, effectively giving you twice as much weapon energy as before.
Jewel 1 In Pluto's stage, just after beating the first mini-boss you'll reach a room with two ladders leading up. Use the Deep Digger on the block in the corner to reach the ladder leading down to the jewel.
Jewel 2 In Uranus' stage, in the room with the third seal/otter robot, use the Rush Coil to jump up to the platform above and break through the wall with the Break Dash. Head inside to find the jewel.
Jewel 3 In Jupiter's stage, when you come to a point with an opening on the right and a ladder leading up, go up the ladder then come straight back down. A hole will have opened up just below, drop down to find the jewel.
Jewel 4 Near the start of Saturn's stage you'll drop down into a room where a large P-Chip sits on the other side of a large hole. Use Rush Coil or Jet to get across and head left to find the jewel.

Spark Chaser

Spark Chaser You'll receive this special weapon once Terra's conquered. The Spark Chaser fires a laser beam which once striking an enemy, will change directions to attack the target multiple times. This weapon comes in real handy as often the enemy caught in the beam's path won't get a chance to escape.

Final password

  A B C D E
1   R R E  
2 E T   E  
3 T   E R E
4 R E T E T
5   E R R R