Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man II

In the second installment of Mega Man's portable adventures, Dr. Wily has mysteriously disappeared. All signs show that he's broken into the Chronos Institute and stolen an experimental time machine called the Time Skimmer. Dr. Light's calculations show that Wily's jumped roughly 37,426 years into the future but no-one has a clue what he's up to. Meanwhile, Mega Man's trusty partner Rush has managed to sniff out a hidden subterranean passage guarded by several of Dr. Wily's robots. It's now up to Mega Man and Rush to investigate Wily's plans and to discover what he's brought back from the far-off future.

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Image Name Use this weapon Receive this weapon
Wood Man Wood Man Mega Buster/Metal Blade Leaf Shield
Air Man Air Man Leaf Shield Air Shooter
Crash Man Crash Man Air Shooter Crash Bomb
Metal Man Metal Man Crash Bomb Metal Blade
Needle Man Needle Man Mega Buster/Hard Knuckle Needle Cannon
Top Man Top Man Needle Cannon Top Spin
Magnet Man Magnet Man Mega Buster Magnet Missile
Hard Man Hard Man Magnet Missile Hard Knuckle
Quint Quint Mega Buster Sakugarne
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Part 1 Mega Buster Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Part 2 Mega Buster Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Part 3 Mega Buster Nothing


Mega Buster Mega Buster
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. Capable of damaging most enemies Mega Man encounters, you'll have the Mega Buster at your disposal throughout the entire game.
Leaf Shield Leaf Shield
Once activated, the Leaf Shield creates a shield of leaves that spin around Mega Man. The leaves will fire out at enemies when Mega Man moves around.
Air Shooter Air Shooter
Once fired Mega Man will shoot out three wind tornadoes that fly up away from him in an upward curving pattern towards the sky.
Crash Bomb Crash Bomb
This weapon fires out a bomb which will continue to fly straight ahead until it strikes something. Once it comes in contact with an object or enemy it'll explode.
Metal Blade Metal Blade
This weapon shoots a round razor blade which flies around in multiple directions. It'll shred enemies that comes in contact with the blade.
Needle Cannon Needle Cannon
This weapon fires out multiple needles at a high rate, shredding enemies that come in contact with the projectiles.
Top Spin Top Spin
This unsual weapon causes Mega Man to spin around while jumping. Any enemies coming in contact with him take damage.
Magnet Missile Magnet Missile
This weapon fires a homing magnet that'll move in towards enemy targets. Be careful though as the missile will only turn once to reach an enemy.
Hard Knuckle Hard Knuckle
Mega Man fires out a slow-moving knuckle projectile, which crushes any enemies it comes in contact with.

Rush abilities

Rush Coil Rush Coil
You'll gain this Rush powerup once Crash Man's defeated. When you use this item, Rush comes down and waits in front of Mega Man. Jump onto his back to spring up to higher platforms out of reach.
Rush Marine Rush Marine
You'll receive this after defeating Metal Man. Once called down, Rush will turn into a small submarine which Mega Man can pilot through dangerous water-filled areas.
Rush Jet Rush Jet
You receive this when you defeat Air Man. Rush comes down and turns into a rocket sled, which Mega Man can ride on. Taking full control of Rush's flight path, you can use this to avoid dangerous areas below.


Sakugarne You'll receive this pogo-stick item once you defeat Quint. When selected from the weapon select screen, the pogo-stick will drop down and wait for Mega Man to hop on. With this item, you can jump on top of enemies, but watch out as it's easy to still get hit.

Final password

  1 2 3 4
A O   O O
B     O  
C O O O  
D O   O