Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man 4

After blasting Dr Wily's plans three times already, Mega Man was fast beginning to master his fighting skills against the tyrant to become almost unstoppable. Before long, a new challenge arises for the Blue Bomber. A mysterious scientist known as Dr Cossack has constructed eight new powerful Robot Masters in an effort to destroy Mega Man.

But this time, Mega Man will be entering the battlefield with an enhanced Mega Buster, this time able to charge up the gun to fire off a stronger shot. A few new special items will help him along the way, as well as trusty Rush. A new character will also make an appearance, Eddie, a small robot that offers Mega Man helpful items in each stage. Below is a boss chart, weapon, special items and Rush abilities descriptions, as well as the final passcode of the game.

Intro Scene...
AD 200X. Household robots Rock and Roll were created by master robot designer, Dr Light, and were enjoying their peaceful days. Then one day, the industrial robots all over the world went on a rampage and the world fell into total chaos. Dr Light quickly realized that mad scientist, Dr Wily, was behind the nefarious deed but he didn't know what to do. Rock, having a strong sense of justice, volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot.

Thus the super robot Mega Man was born. Mega Man shattered Dr Wily's plans three times and world peace has been maintained so far.... but history repeats itself. Dr Cossack, a mysterious scientist, has invented eight powerful robots and sent then after Mega Man. Mega Man starts for the battle again, this time equipped with the powerful new Mega Buster!!

Bosses | Weapons | Rush abilities | Special items | Final password


Image Name Use this weapon Receive this weapon Mugshot
Dust Man Dust Man Mega Buster/Ring Boomerang Dust Crusher Dust Man
Skull Man Skull Man Dust Crusher Skull Barrier Skull Man
Dive Man Dive Man Skull Barrier Dive Missile Dive Man
Drill Man Drill Man Dive Missile Drill Bomb Drill Man
Toad Man Toad Man Drill Bomb Rain Flush Toad Man
Bright Man Bright Man Rain Flush Flash Stopper Bright Man
Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Man Flash Stopper Pharaoh Shot Pharaoh Man
Ring Man Ring Man Pharaoh Shot Ring Boomerang Ring Man
Image Name Use this weapon
Moth Robot Moth Drill Bomb
Robot Box Robot Box Dust Crusher
Crawlers Metal Crawlers Drill Bomb
Dr Cossack Dr Cossack Dust Crusher
Giant Metool Giant Metool Ring Boomerang
Industrial Robot Industrial Robot Ring Boomerang
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 1 Ring Boomerang
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 2 Mega Buster (Charged shots)
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 3 Pharaoh Shot


Mega Buster Mega Buster
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. You will have this weapon from the start of the game. This weapon can cause damage to most enemies encountered in the game. This is the first MM game in which you can charge up the Mega Buster and fire off a stronger shot.
Dust Crusher Dust Crusher
This weapon fires out a small projectile that flies straight ahead until it hits something. If it strikes a wall or target, the projectile will split apart and four smaller parts will fly out in diagonal directions.
Skull Barrier Skull Barrier
This will create a protective barrier around Mega Man which will protect him from contact with enemies. If an enemy strikes the field, the shield will disappear and they will take damage.
Dive Missile Dive Missile
This will fire out a large missile which will home-in on enemy targets and explode on contact.
Drill Bomb Drill Bomb
This weapon fires a drill-type projectile which will explode and cause heavy damage to enemy targets. You can also detonate the bomb after firing it.
Rain Flush Rain Flush
This fires a small grenade straight up and then causes corrosive rain to fall in the area and can cause damage to any enemy on screen.
Flash Stopper Flash Stopper
This weapon freezes all enemies on screen, allowing Mega Man to fire upon enemy targets with the Mega Buster while they are frozen.
Pharaoh Shot Pharaoh Shot
This fires a small projectile which can cause damage to most enemy targets. This can also be fired in upward or downward directions by holding up or down while pressing fire.
Ring Boomerang Ring Boomerang
This weapon fires a small ring-shaped projectile which travels a short distance from Mega Man and then returns to him. Any enemy within range takes damage if the ring hits them.

Rush abilities

Rush Coil Rush Coil
You have this from the beginning of the game. When you use this item, Rush will appear in front of Mega Man and when you jump on his back he will spring Mega Man up to reach higher platforms.
Rush Jet Rush Jet
You receive this when you defeat Drill Man. This allows Rush to become a flying sled which Mega Man can ride on to fly over dangerous areas or reach higher platforms. Be careful as if Rush hits a wall or ledge he will disappear.
Rush Marine Rush Marine
You will receive this after defeating Toad Man. This will make Rush become a submarine in water and can carry Mega Man through the water areas of certain stages. Be careful though, as once the energy bar runs out, the submarine will disappear.

Special items

Wire Chain Wire Chain
This is found in Dive Man's stage. After you defeat the second large whale, on the next screen you'll notice a small hole in the floor. Go down the hole and dodge the spikes on the walls as you descend down to this item. The Wire Chain can be used by press up and fire. This will cause Mega Man to fire out a large chain that will reach up and grab onto platforms and then drag Mega Man up to them.
Balloon Balloon
This is found in Pharaoh Man's stage. After the first long area with the quicksand, you'll come to an area with a large hole in the ground which leads to the rest of the stage. Jump over the hole and continue to the right. You'll come to another quicksand area. Keep going right to find the balloon. This item once activated will create a floating platform which will rise and can carry Mega Man up to higher ledges.

Final password

Put a red dot in:

  • A1
  • A4
  • B5
  • E2
  • F1
  • F3