Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man 3

Dr Wily just doesn't know when to quit. After tricking Dr Light into believing that his evil days were behind him, Dr Wily developed a new special robot designed especially for war. In his usual evil ways, he also created eight brand-new Robot Masters to finish Mega Man off once and for all. This time it seemed that Dr Wily would surely succeed in world domination, but Mega Man - along with his new robotic K9 partner Rush - had other things in mind, it was time Dr Wily was shut down for good.

Most of the game is relatively difficult, you'll probably find certain sections quite hard, so be ready for a challenge. This time Mega Man can slide along the ground (Down + A), this move can also act as a ducking technique. Below is a boss chart, weapons descriptions, as well as the special Rush abilities and the final passcode of the game.

Bosses | Weapons | Rush abilities | Final password


Image Name Use this weapon Receive this weapon Mugshot
Magnet Man Magnet Man Mega Buster/Spark Shock Magnet Missile Magnet Man
Hard Man Hard Man Magnet Missile Hard Knuckle Hard Man
Top Man Top Man Hard Knuckle Top Spin Top Man
Shadow Man Shadow Man Top Spin Shadow Blade Shadow Man
Spark Man Spark Man Shadow Blade Spark Shock Spark Man
Needle Man Needle Man Gemini Laser/Shadow Blade Needle Cannon Needle Man
Snake Man Snake Man Needle Cannon Search Snake Snake Man
Gemini Man Gemini Man Search Snake Gemini Laser Gemini Man
Metal Man Metal Man Magnet Missile Nothing Metal Man 2
Quick Man Quick Man Gemini Laser Nothing Quick Man 2
Air Man Air Man Spark Shock Nothing Air Man 2
Crash Man Crash Man Hard Knuckle Nothing Crash Man 2
Flash Man Flash Man Needle Cannon/Gemini Laser Nothing Flash Man 2
Bubble Man Bubble Man Shadow Blade Nothing Bubble Man 2
Wood Man Wood Man Search Snake Nothing Wood Man 2
Heat Man Heat Man Top Spin Nothing Heat Man 2
Image Name Use this weapon
Turtle Turtle Top Spin
Cyclops Cyclops Hard Knuckle
Mega Man Clone Mega Man Clone Search Snake
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 1 Hard Knuckle
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 2 Rush Jet
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 3 Hard Knuckle
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 4 Search Snake


Mega Buster Mega Buster
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. You will have this weapon from the start of the game. This weapon can cause damage to most enemies encountered in the game.
Magnet Missile Magnet Missile
This weapon fires out small magnets which will fly towards an enemy and cause damage. The magnets will also home-in on certain enemies.
Hard Knuckle Hard Knuckle
This fires out a large missile shaped like a fist. It will slowly gain speed and can damage more than one target.
Top Spin Top Spin
Jump and press fire to use this weapon. Mega Man will spin around in the air and can cause damage to any target that touches him.
Shadow Blade Shadow Blade
This weapon will fire out a large star-shaped shuriken that will travel a small distance from Mega Man and will then return to him. It can cause damage to any target that touches the projectile.
Spark Shock Spark Shock
This will fire a small electric spark ball that will fly across the screen until it hits something. This can cause damage to most enemies.
Needle Cannon Needle Cannon
This fires small needles that can be fired rapidly and will damage anything the projectiles strike.
Search Snake Search Snake
This fires out a small snake which will land on the ground and will crawl along the floor and walls until it hits an enemy. This can be used to hit enemies high up on a wall.
Gemini Laser Gemini Laser
This weapon fires a blue energy beam which will bounce off walls and ceilings until it hits something. This weapon is effective against most enemies encountered.

Rush abilities

Rush Coil Rush Coil
You have this from the beginning of the game. When you use this item, Rush will appear in front of Mega Man and when you jump on his back he will spring Mega Man up to reach higher platforms.
Rush Marine Rush Marine
You will receive this after defeating a certain boss. This will make Rush become a submarine in water and can carry Mega Man through the water areas of Gemini Man's stage. Be careful though, as once the energy bar runs out, the submarine will disappear.
Rush Jet Rush Jet
You receive this when you defeat Needle Man. This allows Rush to become a flying sled which Mega Man can ride on to fly over dangerous areas or reach higher platforms. Similar to the Rush Marine, as you fly on Rush the energy bar will slowly run out.

Final password

Put a blue dot in:

  • A1
  • A3
  • B2
  • B5
  • D3
  • F4

Put a red dot in:

  • C5