Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters


Mega Man

The game that began the saga, Mega Man on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). As the first ever Mega Man title, most of the game's aspects are fairly basic, with Mega Man's abilities limited to firing his Mega Buster and jumping - no slide move or charged shot are available. In this first installment, Mega Man's mission is to take down the evil Dr Wily and his six Robot Masters.

You'll have to battle through six areas where the Robot Masters hide out before tackling Dr Wily's castle for the final showdown. Once each of the six bosses are defeated, Mega Man will draw their energy into his body, creating extra special weapons for his arsenal, each boss has a certain weakness to a particular weapon. No energy tanks are available, making this game a very tough one indeed. Below you'll find coverage for the bosses, weapons and special items found in the game.

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Image Name Use this weapon Receive this weapon
Cut ManCut Man Cut Man Mega Buster Rolling Cutter
Elec ManElec Man Elec Man Rolling Cutter Thunder Beam
Ice ManIce Man Ice Man Thunder Beam Ice Slasher
Fire ManFire Man Fire Man Ice Slasher Fire Storm
Bomb ManBomb Man Bomb Man Fire Storm Hyper Bomb
Guts ManGuts Man Guts Man Hyper Bomb Super Arm
Cyclops Cyclops Thunder Beam Nothing
Mega Man Clone Mega Man Clone Thunder Beam Nothing
Submarines Submarines Super Arm Nothing
Dr Wily Dr Wily Fire Storm/Rolling Cutter Nothing


Mega Buster Mega Buster
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. You will have this weapon from the start of the game. This weapon can cause damage to most enemies encountered in the game.
Rolling Cutter Rolling Cutter
This weapon will fire out a boomerang-type weapon similar to the Boomerang Cutter in Mega Man X. The projectile will fire out in a circle and then return to Mega Man.
Thunder Beam Thunder Beam
This weapon fires out three large bolts of electricity in different directions from Mega Man. It can be used to hit enemies who fly at you from above.
Ice Slasher Ice Slasher
This ice weapon fires out a large ice block which will fly across the screen until it hits a target. The projectile also has the ability to fly through some enemies and continue on to hit other targets.
Fire Storm Fire Storm
The fire weapon will shoot out large flame balls that will scorch any enemies it hits. It can fly through several enemies at once and will disappear once it reaches a far point from Mega Man.
Hyper Bomb Hyper Bomb
Mega Man will throw out a bomb that will land a short distance from him. After a few seconds it will explode, creating a small explosion that will damage any enemies nearby.
Super Arm Super Arm
This weapon will only work if a large boulder or large block is nearby. To use it, walk up to the block and press fire. Mega Man will lift the block and you can then throw it at an enemy to cause damage.

Magnet Beam

Magnet Beam There is a special weapon hidden in Elec Man's stage enclosed by some unbreakable blocks. Use either Strength or Electricity to destroy the blocks to reach it. This special item will allow you to create floating platforms which Mega Man can stand on to reach higher areas or to traverse over large holes.